April 19, 2013 at 2:57 pm (Uncategorized)

White – blank, quite empty. White – very pure, but a bit boring? White – white no more as grudgingly, specks of black begin to trickle in. A bit like a platoon of unwilling NCC cadets woken up on a lazy Saturday morning. But the attendance will be ticked off. And the promise of free samosas and rossagollas keeps the soldiers marching on, determined to see this mini-ordeal through.

Determination – a celebrated virtue. Determination – the greenest of green grass, but perhaps a bit too much so? Determination – the oddball child born to both the most noble and most base of motivations. Delivering on a promise is almost always the right thing to do. Almost, I say. What was the machinery that churned out the promise in the first place? And what was it that the machinery churned?

Churning – inhibiting stability. Churning – disturbing the placid waters, but can you ride the wave? Churning – displacing what’s often set in stone, but sometimes revealing treasures that lie beneath. How valuable is the treasure, though? Does anything come of excavating it? A matter of perspective, I suppose like most things. A shade of grey. One specific shade of grey. One of far more than fifty. Decide by understanding which grey it is – resolve it as best as you can.

Resolution – clarity, mitigating uncertainty. Resolution – the fog light in the hazy highway, but is it always best to know what lies ahead? Resolution – use it judiciously or it will poop on your party. Or won’t it? If we conducted ourselves with mathematical precision, the computed probability of the pooping event will dictate our decision. You fix your threshold and I will fix mine. And if our thresholds aren’t within a narrow band that I define, you’re not invited to the party. Please RSVP with your threshold, because I need to know how many people to expect.

Expectation- human calibration. Expectation – the intricately crafted networks binding emotions, but perhaps too strongly? Expectation – set it with caution, or have your fingers burnt. Yes, you can “apply cold water to burnt area”, but be warned that some scars are forever. Like diamonds. And The Floyd.

Floyd – that eerie, ambient, intricately constructed sound that keeps me warm, cools me down and flies me to the moon (the dark side of) and back. Floyd – the ever-faithful bedfellow that puts me to sleep every night with that softly spoken magic spell…

Yes, weird. But oddly cathartic.


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  1. Thulasi said,

    I liked the transitions!

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