True Randomness

April 13, 2009 at 1:05 pm (Uncategorized)

Possibly my first truly random, unorganized post. Also the first post in April, but that’s irrelevant (although relevance is hardly of relevance in a post consisting of pot-pourri).

I have a theory. The theory concerns post frequency on a blog. My theory is that the reason I don’t blog even when I have an idea for a post is that it’s easier to not blog than to blog.

Self referential structures and recursion are awesome. Really. Think about it. Think about thinking about it. See what I mean?

There are a lot of little things in the world that we take for granted. Case in point: dosa. How many of us have actually thought about how dosa was invented/discovered. Isn’t it too awesome an invention/discovery for us not to know to whom the credit for its invention/discovery is owed? How can it pass unnoticed. The human race is fallacious. Who cares who invented the radio! I eat a lot more dosa than radio!

I’m starting to introspect a lot. It could prove to be dangerous. Do I lack focus in life?

I wish I’d invented music. I’d have been awesome.



  1. Merin said,

    How you been sleeping enough,Zoo?

  2. Merin said,

    Have you been sleeping enough,Zoo?

  3. Merin said,

    Damn, I steal your thunder in being weird by posting *a bunch* of lame replies. 😛

  4. Daylight Toker said,

    KUMAR!! Aami comment korlaam.

  5. Vinayak said,

    Shit why does introspective mean lacking focus? Also, why is lacking focus bad?

  6. Naveen Kumar Molleti said,

    Ah, “Self referential structures and recursion are awesome”. Agree. But recursion cannot always be optimal. But then, it cannot be done away with either.

    Print out two copies of the following, the second one in quotes:
    “Print out two copies of the following, the second one in quotes:”

    [Introduction to the Theory of Computation, Sipser, 2006]

  7. sidzoo said,

    Let me clarify. I meant that I started to introspect, realize that I might lack focus, and that that realization might prove to be dangerous.

  8. dark_gal said,

    Invented music. We all wish. Period.

    The other things you said, focus and introspection?

    Happens a lot when you gotta feed posts to a blog. The word being needs.

    Happened to me a lot when I started blogging.
    Theories found unlimited entries on my blog.

    Now, somehow got shortened to 140 characters, a la Twitter!

    But one thing remains, in the head!

    Talk about randomness.


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