Amro ak shopon

March 19, 2009 at 6:53 pm (Uncategorized)

There’s this feeling I get when I enter a library. It’s not a feeling I get very often, primarily on account of “I’m not in the library very much”, but whenever I am, I’m overwhelmed by it. An erudite craving; the desire to sap up as much of humanity’s progress as one can in his short time on earth. Of course, reality strikes soon, and I realise that I’d rather join my friend for lunch at Billoos than sit in the library all day, but the feeling is good while it lasts.

When I’m in a more pragmatic frame of mind, I wonder what I should be wondering about (Hey, I meant pragmatic on a relative scale). I get my dose of Physics tidbits from the hair and the weird next door. That’s enjoyable. I get my share of trivia about intoxicants from Grass in 205. I get my share of “tactics to employ to prevent yourself from getting screwed over by the big bad world”, from Coolio in 204.  Mechanical funda? 213/KGP residential quarters.

Something I don’t get enough funda about, though, is the working of dreams. I’ve always been fascinated by dreams. It’s such an open ended (at least to me) field. Why does time move much faster in a dream? How do we do mental calculations in our dreams? What determines the direction a dream is going to head in? Are dreams determined dynamically or statically? Why is it that I dream only at home and not when I’m in college.

I think I can safely hazard a guess as to the answer to my last question. It’s the same reason I blog when I’m at home, and not when I’m at college. It’s merely because I have a lot more time when I’m at home than at college. Corollarily(?), I have a lot more time to sleep when I’m at home than when I’m at college, leaving more room for dreaming.

I had a very odd dream the other day. The structure of the dream leads me to believe that dreams are dynamic, but you be the judge of that.

There’s another facet of dreams – they seem a lot cooler when you’re dreaming them than when you narrate them later. I think the coolness factor drops off exponentially with “time after dream”. I’m not the kind of guy who strives to be cool or anything, but I sincerely feel the dream is too lame-ass to post, even for a blog with as low standards as mine. It suffices to state that the dream was extremely wild, at many points illogical and counter-intuitive, and more than a little lame-ass.

My point is, dreams are awesome. This is the abrupt end my (beautiful) friend. My only friend, my lonely friend, the end…



  1. Merin said,

    Would not want my classmates to read this comment(or I’ll have them tattoo GEEK on my forehead), but that is exactly how I feel about libraries! Hardly ever visit, but when I do, I’m in awe!
    Dreams have always fascinated me too. Was looking forward to reading about that dream of yours though. 😀

    Also, Hi5 on the conclusion.
    *All hail Morrison*

  2. Ridhima said,

    Nice post Sid.. Really nice.. I completely relate to the feeling you talked about when entering the library.

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