The vivid imagery and crisp voice in your head

December 11, 2008 at 6:48 am (general, phobia)

You know your head? The one that has a mop of hair on it, and is supported by the neck? That thing is extremely powerful. It can do a lot of cool stuff without you realizing it.

For instance, when you read a book, isn’t there a voice in your head reading it out to you, accompanied by vivid imagery? What I find pretty neat about this voice is the fact that the voice changes depending on the book/piece I’m reading. The Famous Five series always rendered the voice of a middle-aged woman with a thick British accent (there’s only one country where you can get away with using the word “horrid”). I could also see the person speaking it if I tried hard enough. It was a woman of friendly disposition, rosy cheeks and short hair. This in spite of me having been under the mistaken impression for a long time, that the Famous Five series was written by a Grid Blyton. She really must work on that signature of hers. Except that she’s no more, so she can’t, really…

The voice in your head and the imagery become all the more apparent when it comes to music. In my experience, I’ve found that a lot of people don’t look at all like they sound. Case in point – Till Lindemann – Rammstein Vocalist. The fact remains, though, that the brain associates, using some algorithm, a voice with a face. If you listen to the lyrics of a song carefully, you’ll probably have a movie of it playing too – your own personal music video.

Speaking of music videos – I’m not much of a music video guy. Most videos are beyond my comprehension. I prefer to make my own videos (in my head).  For example, my version of the video of Fade to Black has a guy in a room writing a suicide note. The walls are damp and have goo leaking from them, representing the subject’s life falling apart. He plunges the knife into himself at “goodbye”. The guitar solo has his soul rising to heaven, where he knows it’s gonna be a lot better.

The problem with the imagery is this:

I had beautiful videos playing for two songs –

The first was Last Christmas by Wham. I’m given to understand that the song has a video, but I’ve never seen it. The song is beautiful. Nice picture of two lovebirds playing in the snow, and the guy getting all sad because she left him.

The second is Something About the Way You Look Tonight by Elton John. A lady in red ballroom dancing with her man, with a chap at the corner of the room playing the piano.

I’ve never been the kind of guy who gives a rat’s ass about being politically correct. In fact, I’m openly homophobic. The more perceptive of my readers would have figured out that this is where I’m getting from the two song illustrations. The whole “music video” that I’d built up in my brain and played many times over was shattered when I realised that they’d probably written the songs for men.

Gay people are freaky!



  1. _|_ said,

    Shit! I used to think Enid Blyton was a guy.
    And glad to know about your homophobia. I think me and Kama can exploit it next semester. Vibhav is getting boring. Your squeals are going to be so much different.

  2. Merin said,

    Well, I think Till Lindermann has a voice that suits his face.(Or a face that suits his voice,whatever).
    Homophobic eh? How one can exploit that! Damn, it would be fun to study in the same institution as you. 😀

  3. Vikram Gulati said,

    Sid, the last thing you need to be telling people is that you are homophobic. You’re in a guys’ hostel…

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