December 7, 2008 at 3:00 pm (home, home is where the heart is, observation)

I find that I’m a lot more observant when I’m at home than when I’m working in the secret service agency (KGB). Maybe it’s because there isn’t much to observe in a place that hasn’t changed for the past fifty (or indeed hundred) years. Or that even if there is, maybe there’s no time to stop and take in everything. Like a great man (who’s obviously not great enough for me to have remembered his name) once said:

It’s very good to stop and stare
To wash your dirty underwear.

Actually, I’m having my doubts about his being great at all. I can’t seem to remember the verse, but the gist of it was that we don’t take enough time to just take in the beauty around us.

This entry is not concerned with making a conscious observation of all things beautiful. What I want to share with my precious few readers (practically kissing the point 0 on the number line at this point in time (point in time not to be confused with point on aforementioned number line) ) are some observations of human behaviour that I’ve made over the past week.

Humans are lazy. A temporary solution always takes precedence over a permanent one.
What with me being a budding engineer and all, I guess I should use technical terms when I know them. My dad says that temporary solutions are called “band-aid” solutions. Maybe “temporary” is not the right word when there’s no “permanent” solution in the visible horizon. For simplicity, it shall be referred to as a “temporary” solution for the rest of the entry.
[Note: This is getting too recursive to handle. Calling it a “temporary” solution is itself a “temporary solution”. Recursion is awesome.]
That clearly wasn’t illustrative enough to prove my point. So here goes:
Picture a loo with a soap dish fixed to the wall. The soap dish is small, barely large enough to accommodate one large bar of soap. The unfortunate thing was that this dish housed two soaps, one large and one small. The upshot of this was that every time I washed my hands, I’d pick up the larger bar of soap, and the smaller one would fall down. I’d pick it up and be on my way.
I clearly wasn’t the only one doing this in the house, because I’d clean up the soapy patch after I dropped the soap, and find a similar soapy patch the next time I came to wash my hands (before I washed my hands).
Two days later, I found the second bar of soap in another soap dish next to the basin.

Policemen in Bangalore are less efficient than automatic traffic signals
I don’t know how true this is in the context of other cities, but in Bangalore, this is a clear problem. When an automatic signal is down, and there’s a policeman instead, you’ll find that the pile-ups are massive. The policemen, instead of using a time based strategy, seem to think that it’s best to allow flow of traffic from one source until the source is almost exhausted of vehicles. This is stupidity, as this condition generally takes ages to achieve. Another completely unrelated fact about policemen in Bangalore is that they are more likely than not to have large pot bellies to drum on, and to keep luxuriant moustaches (I’m not just talking about the policemen here).

The worst part of blogging, or indeed, of any writing activity, is thinking up the title
Fellow bloggers, do you hear me?



  1. Vikram said,

    Be like me… I think of the title before I write. Often, the content isn’t even remotely related!

    Nice post…

  2. Vinayak said,

    You can copy-paste a phrase from your post and make that the title…

    For example – To wash your dirty underwear.

  3. Murthy said,

    Sidzoo !
    Vinnie told me theres this movie/book review somewhere on the net which is completely recursive. I mean , the review in totality talks about itself. That must be awesome. If you get the link, do pass it on.

  4. Merin said,

    You’re not just talking about the police’men’!

    And yes,thinking up a name for your post is always hard. I always settle with extra-long sentences for titles!

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