Homo Sapien Sapiens

June 15, 2008 at 6:26 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve noticed something of late. Well actually, I’ve noticed it earlier, but my belief has been reinstated and given a firmer foundation by recent developments. I’m pretty convinced that humans, as a race, are insecure about themselves. Just like in a batch of bad apples, you’re bound to find a couple of good ones, there are some people who are very comfortable with who they are and what they do, but this is more of the exception than the rule.

The reason I say “humans” are insecure about themselves is because the data I have on other species is insufficient for me to make a comment. I prefer being politically correct for fear of being told off by the odd butterfly who feels left out of this revolution of insecurity. All you non-humans, I’m not saying you’re not insecure, I’m just not making any commitments about your state of insecurity. Don’t hurt me, for I mean no harm!

Ever seen an awesome movie one night and read the review in the newspaper the next day? Or bought an awesome gizmo and been unable to resist the temptation to peruse a review of it flashing on your computer screen? If you haven’t, switch off your computer screen (or I-pod or whatever the hell you surf with), go stand in the corner, and think about why you lied to me. Otherwise, read on.

Why on earth do you do this? If you like something, enjoy liking it and move on with your life, for crying out loud! Why do you seek reassurance that everyone else in the world felt the same way about it as you did? Why, oh why?

By the way, here’s the visual evidence of my metamorphosis.



  1. anonymous said,

    manchigaruu!u loved ur hairstyle and so did we!why on earth did u change ur hairstyle?were u insecure!!or u dint get enough reassurance from us..if its later one..we are very sorry!

    PS: stand up and pray in silence for the omni-pervading and ever so shining manchigaru’s hairstyle!hope its soul rests in peace.

  2. nolfxceptme said,

    Yo dude. I’ve been seeing those “metamorphosis” status messages and stuff for so long. Thank #god finally you put up pics…

    Anyway, lol@TheMetamorphosis 😛

  3. anonymous said,

    It would help if you also mentioned what inspired you to write this (yet another not so in my wavelength) post.

    There must be something that instigated you


  4. anonymous said,

    Good question. Will have to think about it. Hang on.


  5. anonymous said,

    Ok, I give up.

    I mean I can think of some explanations but they all seem restatement of your question.

    For example, we like if others like the same things as us because we like being normal.

    Why do we like being normal? That may be because it increases the chances of us getting laid, but am not sure about it.

    By the way, if we assume it as an axiom that we like it when others like the same things as us, or put in other words, when others share our interests, what happens if everyone starts disliking others sharing interests with them?

  6. sidzoo said,

    Interesting. I don’t think such a paradoxical situation can arise. It’s like saying people like A, but what happens if people like liking Acomplement. Right?

  7. anonymous said,

    No the problem is as follows…

    We like being normal, hence we like doing things that others like doing. Now others start disliking others sharing interests with them. So we will, because of the urge to be normal, start disliking, or should start disliking sharing interests with others. So in effect we will not like to be people who like it when others like the same things as us. And so on…

    But anyway, that’s secondary. Your original question is more important.

  8. ext_105908 said,

    Yes, I do read the reviews of stuff that I’ve bought but not because I want to be reassured that I’m normal or anything, but because its nice to know WHY others liked what you have, its nice to find out all the reasons.Its nice to find out the various other uses that people have found out for the same thing that you have purchased.

    More than anything else, its nice to bask in the warm glory of the product that you have purchased, when you find out exactly how much adulation the thing that you also bought is receiving, it goes to feed your pride. Like any parent who loves to listen to words of praise about his/her child, not because the parent is insecure but because it makes them feel proud and happiER.

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