Weird questions (and answers)

June 11, 2008 at 10:15 am (Uncategorized)

Ever asked yourself, or someone else, a weird question? A question whose answer will not change the course of your life in any way, however small? I know I’m not just speaking for myself, when I say “yes”. A friend once questioned which part of his body feels guilt. His observation need not be disclosed in order for a person to understand that this, indeed, is a weird question.

So, I was on a bus yesterday with nothing to do, and so I wondered why I place things in my pockets as I do.

Let me elucidate. I have three, and on occassion, four objects to place in my pockets.
1. Wallet
2. Cellphone
3. Key-bunch
4. Handkerchief (I almost never find these)

Here’s where they go in.
LEFT POCKET – Wallet, Key-bunch
RIGHT POCKET – Cellphone, Handkerchief

It’s amazing how the human mind reasons out complex things without the human mind so much as realizing it’s doing something so amazing. I can’t place anything in my back pocket because I don’t like the idea of adding girth to my already gigantic posterior. So I’m left with my left and right pockets in which to place these objects.

Somehow, I figured I’d first place my wallet. An added incentive for not keeping my wallet in the back pocket is the fact that I don’t like the idea of sitting on money.
Being mildly superstitious, I handle money only with my right hand. So if I pick up my wallet with my right hand, I can hardly pull out money from it with my right hand. So I have to pick up my wallet with my left hand, which logically places my wallet in my left pocket.

My cellphone is too bulky to fit in the same pocket as my wallet. So it goes into my right pocket.

My keys will scratch my cellphone if they are in the both in the same pocket. So they go into my left pocket.

To appeal to my inherent love for symmetry in some form, my handkerchief goes into my right pocket to balance the number of objects.

There you go – natural selection; it happens automatically, with no conscious thought required.

By the way, I cut my hair.



  1. anonymous said,

    I am not sure whether the brain does all that calculation in its head (figuratively speaking, I mean, not that my brain has a head of its own). I remember putting conscious thought into deciding what goes into which pocket whenever a new thing was added into the list of things I kept in my pockets. For example, in the beginning I used to have only a handkerchief, in the right pocket, then came the wallet. So I did think on it and decided that it should go to the left one. I also used to keep a pen in my left pocket. And then, when I had to keep my keys too, I realised that it would be difficult to take out the keys if a pen was present in the same pocket. So I kept my keys in the right one.

    When people find out that I don’t watch many movies, do not have a very good cgpa, am not good at any sports etc., they ask me, “What do you do all day?” I think I am beginning to understand what I do all day.


  2. sidzoo said,

    @Vinayak: You actually think about it? I don’t think I did, consciously at least. Wasting time is an art, an art which has been pioneered by many a person, but an art, nonetheless.

  3. anonymous said,

    Dude I want to see your pic!! You cut your hair? Why??


  4. ext_107139 said,

    Dude! Things were good till the hand kerchief came in. πŸ˜›

  5. ext_124198 said,

    well while i was reading ur thingee… with every line i was saying like “oh yeah it happens wid me as well”… but trust me i never ever realized it happening… lol
    we dom everyday stuff unconsciously n not knowing exactly why we r doing it…
    it was funny thu.. πŸ™‚

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