HLL’s Biggest Goof-Up

March 16, 2008 at 4:19 pm (Uncategorized)

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about goof-ups, it’s this: once you realise you’ve goofed, don’t correct it, or other people will notice that you’ve goofed. If there’s nothing I’ve noticed about goof-ups, then I can’t really be me, because I HAVE noticed one thing about goof-ups (I have, I have!)…

I’m assuming all of you are familiar with the concept of toothpaste. For the uninitiated, toothpaste is a paste like substance which is generally applied on a toothbrush (a ~0.75 foot long stick with bristles on the end), and, which when mixed vigorously with water is capable of dissolving dirt. Another characteristic of a good toothpaste is that it freshens one’s breath.

So what would one expect of a good toothpaste advertisement? It should be something that conveys the fact that plaque is effectively removed XOR that it is extremely effective in freshening breath XOR both. I don’t think anyone will have trouble digesting this fact. It happens to be the basic premise for my “HLL goof-up” theory, so chew and digest already!

A rather popular brand of toothpaste in India is HLL’s “Close-up”. Let me digress a bit here.
The word “close” has two alternative meanings:
alpha -> Close (kloze) – to shut.
beta -> Close (klose) – small in distance.

The beta form of the word would make sense in the “Close-up” campaign. It suggests that the toothpaste freshens your breath so well, that you need not hesitate to close(beta) up to a person of the opposite sex (assuming that’s the way you swing).

Reach deep into the recesses of your memory, and recall any of the toothpaste’s ad campaigns. Alpha, right? Now you be the judge; what sort of crackpot ad campaign would want to suggest that your breath stinks so much that you ought to shut up?



  1. ext_91044 said,

    openid test comment

    btw, the XOR statement will be false only if the toothpaste neither removes plaque nor freshens breath. unless i’m assuming braces in the wrong places. right?

  2. sidzoo said,

    Yup. Just a roundabout way of putting things 🙂

  3. anonymous said,

    so better fasten your seat belt for “AD-design” event… [:)]

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