Is this the right time?

February 25, 2008 at 7:58 pm (Uncategorized)

Is this the right time to be doing this?

After having studied Work System Design for a month or so, I’m rather attracted to the idea of being systematic in my thoughts, so I plan to go about reasoning the question systematically.

Is there such a thing as a “right time” to be doing things? Yes (I think). At least I’m sure I think that. And I think now is the right time to be wondering whether I’m sure that that’s what I think. Which means the question is not invalid. Proceed…

I have an OR-II exam tomorrow. I know about 40% of the portion with 60% thoroughness, and, forgive my own preparation for the asymmetry of the situation, but 60% of the portion with 10% thoroughness.

Is “thoroughness” a word? Quick query… damn! The proxy is down. Does the world want me to study?
Second things second, and third things third, and nth things nth, ad infinitum, can the world “want you to do” things?

Interruption: the proxy has decided to send my data. In reply to my query has arrived string of 1’s and 0’s (I believe it’s right to use apostrophes there, but then again, I may be wrong. It’s very likely that I am. Is it a crime to be wrong?

The states of being wrong and right are merely defined by a society. There is no absolute wrong and right? Right? {*Ram my head into the wall for the paradox I’ve created by actually asking the question.*}

Ouch. That hurt! And I think I’ve nested too many arguments. And I suck at being systematic. I guess it’s time for me to get back [Yeah right! Like I was ever there in the first place] to my books &book, actually, but books sounds cooler&. But is there a right time for things? Shit! Have I been through this before? Am I in the loop again? Nooooo…

P.S.: I used & because I ran out of unused brackets.
P.P.S.: The “(” was not closed on purpose, merely to heighten the dramatic effect of the situation, and the immense pain that infinite nesting causes to the universe. It hurt me not to close it, but it had to be done. I apologize to my non-existent readers.

*Rams his head on the wall to stop himself from asking what existence is*.
*Passes out*.



  1. anupbishnoi said,

    yoyoyoo be!

    work sys was about the worst indu cd get for me
    nice to see it has takers 😛

  2. nolfxceptme said,

    Well, a right time for doing things does exist but that is not for humans, which leads us into other questions such as observers and what Einstein said about stuff that happens without observers but leave that for later.

    And yes, the world is making you do things, don’t think you can think, because all the neurological processes are nothing but a result of the setting of the Universal Constants before getUserName(“The One Himself”); said “Execute Project”

    Wrong to use apostrophes there. And with 0s and 1s, [anger] aargh [/anger], blasphemy.

    Is it a crime to be wrong?

    Dunno dude, same problem. But well, it IS a crime if you don’t learn from it. Because that was a wasted event causing no increase in intelligence (Talk of ever increasing entropy, do you want such wastage?)

    Hey, you are not looping, just recursing. Remember, you live your life in recursive calls. Only ,program will be terminated before you return any call.

    Damn it, you passed out? Wake up you b******, you need to approve this comment I guess.

  3. sidzoo said,

    I don’t really think I’m recursing. I think I’m infinite looping. It’ll lead back to the same list of arguments. It’s a little like goto line number x.

  4. anonymous said,

    Any loop can be implemented as a call to a recursive function.

    Secondly, your paradoxical article seems similar to the Stern-Gerlach experiment, with ‘subatomic particles’ replaced with ‘arguments’. The Stern-Gerlach experiment gave an impression that particle A is composed of B and C and then B and C each composed of A. It was explained using Quantum Mechanics.

    May be Quantum Mechanics will find an explaination to your apparent paradox too. 😀

    Oh btw, are you really sure that you don’t sit on chimney stacks in your free time?


  5. renbow said,

    Sid, you will never change. And that is not a bad thing!

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