June 25, 2007 at 6:13 am (Uncategorized)

We made excellent time from Chamonix to Luxembourg. We left Chamonix at about 10 in the morning, and covered the 650 km journey in a little over five and a half hours.

We had booked a place called Hotel Campanile, which I’d found on the net. There was some special deal for a family if the rooms were booked for a day before a public holiday. Luckily, we were staying on the night before Luxembourg Bankers’ Day or something, so we were eligible for the discount.

I was patting myself on the back when we walked into the hotel. I’d actually done something good!

We checked in and unloaded the luggage in our rooms. My folks had done very intelligent packing for the trip. Different suitcases for different places and all. The works!

After unwinding in the room, we took a bus to the centre of Luxembourg. Our hotel was next to the airport in Findel. We walked around and did some shopping. We ate a hearty dinner at a pizzeria, and topped it up with fries from McDs. In my opinion, the world’s best Mayonnaise can be had at KFC, Bengaluru. Nothing beats it, I swear!

We took a bus back to Campanile, and hit the sack. Our plan was to visit the Vianden Castle the following day before heading back to my aunt’s house in Nootdorp, Netherlands.

Before leaving the next morning, my father asked the lady at the reception desk how to get to Vianden. She told us to follow signs to Brussels, until we saw signs to Vianden. Seemed simple enough. We also had a small map of Luxembourg that showed the major highways, so this route seemed about right. We set off…

Sweet disaster struck. Disaster because we crossed into Belgium when we were supposed to remain in Luxembourg until we reached Vianden. Sweet because the country roads were extremely scenic. I realised what had happened. There were multiple roads to Brussels from Campanile, and the road signs led us to one that we didn’t want.

We pulled off in the next small town that we saw to ask for directions. We saw a gentleman walking around in a small room in a building in the corner of the road. We excused ourselves into his office and asked him if he could help us find our bearings. He said that we’d have to head towards Mersch in Luxembourg, from where things would be simple. To help us get to Mersch, he fished out a map of Arlon, a nearby town, and told us how to get to Mersch after driving through Arlon. We thanked him profusely.

We went down the road as instructed, but instead of heading into Arlon, we stopped and looked at the road signs. There seemed to be a direct route to Mersch. Without further ado, we headed that way, hoping for the best.

With the expert navigation of my mother and me, my father managed to get us to Vianden Castle by about 2:00 p.m. The castle was beautiful, majestic. I could picture a princess standing at one of the tower windows, waiting to be rescued by some prince with socks going up to his knees!

We didn’t, however, go into the castle. I could well imagine what it would be like, and we had already lost time getting lost on the way to Vianden. We left Vianden by about half past three, and successfully found our way back to Nootdorp. We returned the car the next day. It had served us well!



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