Communication Breakdown

May 14, 2007 at 12:40 pm (Uncategorized)

Back in Bangalore! Phew!
Mishap number one has already occured. I am now practically bald 😀
Trust me, communication gaps are not overhyped. They pose a serious threat to the normal development of humanity and hair.

Yesterday, I went down to the barber’s to get a haricut as a surprise for Mothers’ Day. My mom had been after me for a week to get my hair cut, so I thought I’d give her a pleasant shock while she was out. Glad to be back in Bangalore for a haircut, I asked him if he had an electric razor. In the village where I study, electric razors are unheard of…

He said he did. I just love the feeling of the razor on my skull, so I told him to give me a medium-long cut with the razor. Simple, right? Our man seemed to have other ideas.

He started with the razor at the back of my head, and it was uncharacteristically painful. I thought it was because my hair was knotted up or something and kept quiet. It was only when he began shearing off the hair above my left ear that I noticed that it was far too short! The man was balding me!

I told him to stop immediately. I asked him if this was his idea of medium-long. He said yes, it was, and this was the only way it would work out with the machine.

The only repair work that could be carried out was carried out. I now have a strip of pretty much baldness upto my ears. The top of my head has short hair, and this slopes into the baldness in a weird fashion. Hopefully my head is back to normal in a few weeks. Wish me luck.



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