Spring Fest 2007

January 29, 2007 at 3:25 pm (Uncategorized)

Since I don’t have the patience to compose a full-fledged blog entry about SF, I’ll just summarize the high points of the past few days in a bulleted list (won’t laziness ever even think about having a vacation. How it has survived in me for a decade and a half without getting bored is beyond me.) :

  • Watching the Band of Boys harmonize.
  • Listening to their clever composition that they called a nursery rhyme. Here’s an excerpt:

“He saw her there, sprawled on the grass
And when she rolled over, you could see her…

See her washing the clothes…”

And so on! Geez! Amazing stuff!

  • Singing Hindi songs that I had no idea I knew during the Shibani Kashyap performance.
  • Eating Dominos Pizza after what has seemed like a lifetime!
  • Answering ‘Periodic Table’ to a quiz prelims question that showed the last in a series of Comic Strips and asked what it was the last in the series of.
  • Letting my (long again) hair down in the open air disco.
  • Seeing the lights at the top of the Insti Tower through the thick fog.
  • Not being in the room between 8:00 and 0:00 hrs.
  • Finding out that there is a lot of land beyond the Computer Science and Engineering Department.
  • Listening to amazing college bands from across the country performing my favourite songs (including Satriani’s ‘Flying in a Blue Dream’).
  • Realising how hard JAM really is when my attempts at shouting ‘JAM’ were always cut short when someone else said it before me.
  • Headbanging to Prestorika when they performed ‘Enter Sandman’, ‘Fear of the Dark’, ‘The Wickerman’, ‘F^&* the Politics’ (a Prestorika original), and others.

What wasn’t so hot, however, was that we had classes the day after SF ended. No break! WAAAH! Anyway,

Happy new year, all!


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  1. Erica said,

    Thanks for writing this.

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