I’m Back

December 14, 2006 at 6:33 am (Uncategorized)

First off folks, I’m really, really sorry for not keeping in touch over the past couple of months. I didn’t have a comp in my room, and the comps at the computer center, Takshashila, are Solaris operated. That’s reason enough for me not wanting to go there!

So much has happened over the past two months! Wouldn’t know where to start if I blogged about it all! Maybe I’ll just blog about my trip to Kolkata.

Wednesday afternoon. End of midsems! Some people were planning on making a trip to a place called Chandipur (Orissa) so they could drink. I decided I wouldn’t go. I wanted to unwind for a day at least. Ended up watching 4 movies at a stretch.

Had a really lazy night. Fast forward to about half past two the next afternoon. We had just started watching American Pie 2 on someone’s computer when I got a call from one of the people who had gone to Chandipur. Four of them were going to Kolkata to watch Sunfeast Open tennis matches. A few of us decided that we would join them.

Four of us bought express train tickets to Kolkata. We were told that there’s one leaving in 3 minutes, and we could catch it on platform 6 if we ran. Run we did, and boarded the train. It started moving. There was just one problem. We seemed to have boarded a local train (whose ticket cost, incidentally, is half that of an express train). We were wondering whether to jump off the train and get into the express train waiting for us on platform 5. Before we could reach a decision, the train was moving at full speed.

We reached Howrah in three and a half hours. It was half past seven now. The other four had reached Netaji Indoor Stadium. It took them half an hour by cab from the station. Sania was up 6-5 on Klosen in the first set. There was to be another match after this one. The four of us decided to join them at the stadium.

We decided to take the steamer. The stadium was across the Howrah. Some place called Babuighati. By the time we got onto the steamer, it was pouring cats and dogs. There were four of us- Pradipta Bannerjee (Habba), Siddharth Prabhu (Squid), Vibhav V (Vishal), and me (Giant Squid). We ran to get tickets, but the chaps at one gate sent us to another gate. By the time we got into the stadium, we were soaking wet. Sania was still playing. She was 4-1 up in the second set if I remember right. We had bought 100 rupee tickets, but the turnout was really low, so we ended up sitting in the VIP stall!

There were 8 of us now. We were screaming like madmen. I guess we probably were madmen!

The match got over 15 minutes after we arrived. Three out of four of the chaps who had already got there decided to leave. Four more people were arriving at Kolkata, and they were booking a hotel for all of us. These three were joining them at the hotel. Habba was leaving with his cousin sister. That left four of us watching the double’s match- Squid, Vibhav, Akhil Naru, and me. The match was between Shikha Uberoi, Melinda Czink and Nicole Pratt, Anastasia Rodionova.

Vibhav was sitting next to me, and pointed out to me how cutely Czink did her warm up. I had to agree 😉 .

We waited the whole duration of the match, hoping we’d get an autographed tennis ball or something, but my presence in the group ensured that no such thing happened. I’ve never brought good luck!

It was 12 a.m. when we walked out of Netaji Indoor Stadium. It was still pouring cats and dogs. A couple of rooms at Hotel Green Star were booked for us. We hadn’t eaten dinner. A local told us that we’d find food in the dhabas of Balligunj Circular Road. After this is where the trip got crazy…

To be continued…


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